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10 Things About Mount Whitney

Clearing Storm on Mount Whitney by Jeff SullivanClearing Storm on Mount Whitney by Jeff Sullivan - Bigger than Whitney Houston!

You probably thought Whitney Houston was the greatest American Whitney, but with an elevation of 4,421 metres, California's Mount Whitney whops the late New Jersey Love Songstress! Here are 10 facts about Mount Whitney, one of America's most iconic "rock stars"!

1) The Tallest:

Mount Whitney is the tallest mountain in all of California

2) Old Man Mountain:

In the language of the local Paiute Indians, Mount Whitney is called "Tumanguya" meaning "the very old man."

3) Current Name:

It received its current name in 1864, when members of the California Geological Survey named the peak after Geologist Josiah Whitney

4) Nice 'n' Central:

Mount Whitney is in Central California, 221 miles from Los Angeles and 464 miles from San Francisco

5) Staring at Death (Valley)!:

Mount Whitney is uniquely situated as it sits in the stunning Sierra Nevada, is joined on to the Sequoia National Park (home to the legendary Sequoia Trees which can grow as tall as 84 metres!) and offers magnificent views of Death Valley National Park

6) We are the Champions:

Charles Begole, A. H. Johnson, and John Lucas together became the first people to reach the top of Mount Whitney when they scaled it on August 18, 1873

7) Queen of the Coterminous:

Mount Whitney is the highest peak in the 48 coterminous U.S. states (all the states of the USA excluding Hawaii and Alaska)

8) Instrumental: 

Next to Mount Whitney, and often visited by those climbing the mountain, is the aptly named "Guitar Lake". This picturesque pond really resembles a giant guitar!

9) Pristine Protocols: 

Sadly, you cannot simply turn up and climb Mount Whitney. There are a lot of protocols and procedures one must go through before one is able to climb. There is a good reason for this however. As an area of outstanding natural beauty, the authorities are keen to keep the place pristine. I'm sure you'll agree that somewhere as beautiful as this deserves preserving. For more information on the procedures one must complete before climbing Mount Whitney see the following link:

10) Although Gov. Jerry Brown declared California's drought officially over in April 2017, dry conditions still persist (at the time of writing) in much of the state. This means that rural areas and national parks are at risk of fire, and visitors to Mount Whitney must be extremely careful in this regard. Forest fires don't just destroy precious natural resources and wildlife, they kill people too.

Oh, Mount Whitney! I will always love you!

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